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Nicky Wanzi is a photographer originally from the sunny island of South-East Asia, Singapore.


Most of the time we all have a little creative streak in us, sometimes we can get a little crazy too. Having been a graphic designer before turning to a full-fledged photographer, Nicky has constantly worked to convey all of that - after all, what's life without a little bit of craziness?

Nicky is all about getting her hands dirty when crafting her ideas to images, which she took pride of. With a background in art college and a fan of cinematic techniques, her work is heavily influenced by European paintings with a touch of cinematic sense. 

Having an adventurous soul, she took the plunge and travelled all the way to New York City to hone her photography skills. Being based there for over a year had gained her lots of opportunities and widen her perspectives.

Nicky is currently based in Singapore, but always on the road.


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