Living in NYC

This series of photos focus around my personal life story of coming to New York and chasing the dream of becoming a successful photographer.

It documents the snippets of my daily life as an international student living in a shared apartment, and the little things that make me who I am, from the things I eat to activities I do and more. However, I executed it from a different perspective and add another dimension to this otherwise ordinary documentary-style shoot.

For this purpose, I have added two fictional characters in every photograph I document. It may seem odd but it represents the of strong bonds I share with my good friends from back home in Singapore. Back home – we usually operated as a unit, almost like triplets hanging out all the time. Whether it’s having a meal or a game of basketball, we were almost inseparable and had each other’s backs no matter.

As for the art direction, it adopts a more commercialised styling, making it look like a series of advertisements. This would also be in line with my desire to experiment with styles that would help me achieve my goal of specializing in more commercial, conceptual and fashion photography.